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Donating to a candidate allows them to more easily reach voters. The most common use of funds is to print signs and to pay for mailers that are sent directly to the homes of registered voters. Other uses include filing fees and other administration costs involved in running a campaign.

If you are interested in contributing more broadly, you can donate to the Ventura County Republican Party. Your generous donation allows the local Ventura County GOP to help support local issues, candidates, and events.

The party’s most immediate goal is to register Republican voters. This helps the most qualified candidates for leadership recognize that the local voter base seeks people supporting the Republican platform of small government, low taxes, and the recognition of personal liberties.

To register voters takes organization. That means a place to organize and resources to organize. It also means a system to identify qualified candidates for local elected positions. The local Ventura County Republican Party needs help withg all of this. Whether you can donate dollars or resources, it takes people like you. To donate to the Ventura GOP, click here now.